As a specialized trading company for distribution-handling materials and equipment,
TAIRA has provided efficient and useful distribution systems to many customers nationwide.

Unfortunately, we often see cases where people are forced to do manual work in a distribution
center in which a huge amount has been invested but which has quickly become obsolete.
TAIRA avoids this kind of over-investment, and proposes an optimal system for each customer
through our highly skilled consulting capability.  We merge high technology with low technology
- and call it, "Low technology exceeding high technology."

TAIRA handles all kinds of distribution equipment, from shelves to stocking boxes for home use.
Our services include not only the sales of these products, but also the planning, installation,
and operation of distribution systems.

I promise you the best distribution system for your needs, as well as cost reductions to
contribute to the success of your company.
We are looking forward to serving you soon from Japan.

Ryoichi Taira
Taira Sohki Ltd.

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Taira Sohki Co.,Ltd.

1675-7 Toukikita Naka-ku, Sakai-city, Osaka
599-8242 JAPAN

Ryoichi Taira




September 11, 1998


18 million yen

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Planning, manufacturing, installation,
and sales of distribution-handling materials
and equipment

100 million yen (2012)

Toyota L&F,

Osaka Chambar of Commerce and Industry
Sakai Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Association of Sakai Welding Industry
Osaka Prefectural Global Study Association

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Taira Sohki Co., Ltd. 1675-7 Toukikita Naka-ku, Sakai-city, Osaka
599-8242 JAPAN
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